Cy pres awards are an invaluable way to honor and advance the interests of class members when complete dispersal of the award or settlement is not feasible. Through cy pres awards, the plaintiffs can provide a collective, continuous service to the public interest. Empire Justice Center is honored to have received hundreds of thousands of dollars in residual funds from class actions. These funds are then used to carry out the terms of the cy pres award through enhanced and additional services to our clients. Our dedicated advocates make the law work for all New Yorkers by providing services in the areas including consumer protection, fair lending, foreclosure protection, employment, worker justice, disability rights, immigration, discrimination and LGBT and transgender rights, domestic violence, child care, government benefits, and education, among other things.


Click here to read about our latest cy pres award stemming from Daisley v West Creek Financial, Inc., a class action lawsuit filed in the Eastern District of New York addressing deceptive and unfair “Rent-To-Own” practices.


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Jonathan Feldman, Legal Director .