Child Care Copayment Disparities by County

Shannon Sswiatek January 13, 2021

Featured below is an updated Child Care Copayment Chart for families of three with an annual income of $43,440 (200% of poverty) showing the copayment multiplier for each social services district in New York. This chart is based of a review of the annual plan updates and the COVID -19 waiver chart posted on the OCFS website as of January 2, 2021. For nine counties that had not posted annual plan updates for 2020, 2019 data was used.


We recommend you view the PDF here.


There are many changes from last year’s chart. Most striking is that only four districts continue with the impossibly high copayment multiplier of 35%, which is the number applied to the family’s income over the poverty level to calculate the parent share. Last year eighteen districts used this multiplier. Many districts have reduced their copayments to 25%, 20%, or even 10%.  Last year only three counties chose to use the 10% copayments multiplier, which is the lowest permitted under state regulation. This year there are eight counties with 10% multipliers. Other important news to note is that the social services districts highlighted in red obtained approval from OCFS to waive copayments. The list of counties that are currently waiving copayments is updated monthly on the OCFS website at https://ocfs.ny.gov/programs/childcare/plans/ altogether for as permitted by 20 OCFS ADM-06, available at: https://ocfs.ny.gov/main/policies/external/ocfs_2020/ADM/20-OCFS-ADM-06.pdf





















Also featured below is a chart which shows the annual copayment required from families of three with incomes between the poverty level and 275% of the poverty level, and the percentage of the family’s gross income that that payment represents.


We recommend you view the PDF here.