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Free Tax Preparation Program

We’re here to help

VITA, our free income tax prep program, is now fully booked and no longer scheduling appointments for the 2023 Tax Season.

We can help with questions about your taxes or if you received a letter from the IRS or NYS tax service. Leave a voicemail at (585) 900-1004 and we will return your call. Please do not call to schedule an appointment as we have no appointments available.


Eligibility for Services

To qualify for the program, you must meet all of the following eligibility requirements.

Income requirements

  • For families with dependents: Total household income is less than $65,000
  • For families without dependents: Total household income is less than $35,000
  • Note – your eligibility will be verified before your tax return is started. Filling out this paperwork is not a guarantee that CASH can complete your return. If you are not eligible after being screened, you will be informed of other tax preparation options.
  • Income guidelines vary for online self-preparation websites. Income guidelines can be found on each self-preparation website

Additional requirements

  • All your income must be from New York State and not New York City
  • You don’t own any rental property
  • You didn’t sell stocks, bonds, or other financial assets
  • If you are self-employed, you didn’t have a loss, have any employees or inventory, and your business expenses were less than $35,000

How it works

We can help you prepare your taxes and connect you with a wide range of resources.

Virtual Tax Service

Closed for the Season.


In-Person Appointments 

Appointments are fully booked for 2023 taxes. 


Prepare your own tax return online using free tax software or direct file

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