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CASH Online Tax Service

Online Tax Service

CASH will prepare your tax return online this tax season.  You will complete intake and consent forms electronically, and upload your tax documents to a secure site.  CASH will then prepare your tax return and schedule a  phone appointment with you to review your return before electronically transmitting the return to the IRS.

Eligibility for CASH Services

  • If you have no dependents, your income must be less than 27K
  • If you have dependents, your income must be less than 58K
  • All your income must be from New York State and not New York City
  • Note – your eligibility will be verified before your tax return is started.  Filling out this paperwork is not a guarantee that CASH can complete your return. 
  • If you are not eligible after being screened, you will be informed of other tax preparation options.

Before you start the online process, please make sure you have all your tax documents.  

  1. Picture ID (for themselves and spouse).  If married, spouse must come with them to participate in return preparation
  2. Social Security cards or copies for everyone being claimed as a dependent on the return.
  3. If employed, W-2 forms 
  4. If received unemployment, Form 1099-G
  5. If received Social Security or Social Security Disability, 1099-SSA Form
  6. If received interest or dividends, form 1099-INT or 1099-Div
  7. If self-employed, proof of income and expenses
  8. If receiving a pension or distribution from an IRA, 1099-R
  9. If received insurance through the Marketplace and you had help paying premium bring form 1095-A
  10. Proof of Stimulus payment (Form 1444-C from IRS or Bank Account Information)
  11. If received Advanced Child Tax Credit, Letter 5419 (Must have)
  12. Bank Account Information
    1. Account Number and Routing Number
  13. Tax Receipts (City, County, School) if own home
  14. If paid child support, names, birthdates, and Social Security numbers of children
  15. Your 2019 and 2020 tax returns
  16. For any college students, student account records and 1098-T from college
  17. Any other information you might feel is useful for your taxes

To use our Online Tax Service, you must:

  • Be comfortable using e-mail communication
  • Have access to an electronic device (mobile phone,  iPad, laptop) to complete and sign online forms
  • Ability to upload required tax documents (Social Security Card(s), W2, 1099, etc., photo id, selfie) into DocuSign
  • Provide a phone number that has a working voicemail and can accept messages
  • Review and sign completed tax returns

Please watch the video below to better understand our Online Tax Service.