UPCOMING TRAINING August 22: What Foreclosure Prevention Advocates Should Know About Estate Administration

Shannon Sswiatek July 27, 2018

August 22nd, 2018

Detail the estate administration process and its relationship to foreclosure; explain the differences between probate and administration proceedings highlighting the parties who are required to participate in each and who are required to be served in foreclosure actions; learn how to identify the distributees of an estate (and their distributive shares) with the assistance of an intestate inheritance flowchart; learn how to assess when an estate may present insurmountable obstacles that will make it impossible to resolve the underlying foreclosure action; learn to identify homeowners who should implement an estate plan.

Our Presenters: Anthony Mohen, Legal Aid Society of NE NY and Michael Corcoran, Grow Brooklyn, Inc.

Webinar Moderator: Kirsten Keefe, Empire Justice Center

*CLE Credit: 1.5 Professional Practice credits will be offered for attending this webinar.

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*Empire Justice Center has been certified by the New York State Continuing Legal Education Board as an Accredited Provider of continuing legal education in the State of New York. This program has been approved in accordance with the requirements of the Continuing Legal Education Board for a maximum of 1.5 CLE credit hours, of which 1.5 can be applied towards the Professional Practice requirement. Empire Justice Center reserves the right to adjust CLE credit given for this course based upon the actual length of the webinar. This course is both transitional and non-transitional and is appropriate for both new and experienced attorneys.

If you require a special accommodation to attend this webinar, please contact Michelle Peterson, Sr. Training Manager mpeterson@empirejustice.org.